Troubleshooting the Tree Growth module

The table below shows some of the problems that may be encountered using the Tree Growth module, with possible solutions.

The message "MYRLIN#1... is already open. Re-opening will cause any changes to be discarded..." appears when running MakeD95List. This is normal if the MYRLIN#1 file is already open. Click Yes to proceed. However, note that any edits to MYRLIN#1 since it was last saved will be lost. It is better to close MYRLIN#1 before running MakeD95List.
A Visual Basic error message occurs when running MakeD95List, or results are produced but include unexpected or garbled values. Ensure that the MakeStandTables macro runs normally in MYRLIN#1. It is likely that options in that workbook have not been correctly specified. See the troubleshooting guide for MYRLIN#1.
"Subscript out of range" error occurs when running MakeD95List MYRLIN #2 must have three sheets, labelled Table, Fig1 and Model. If these are re-named, missing, or the macro is run with a different workbook as the active workbook, this error occurs.
The macro MakeD95List could not be seen when the Alt-F8 key was pressed. Macros were not enabled when MYRLIN#2 was opened.
Figures or tables do not appear as shown in the documentation. The graph does not function as explained. MYRLIN#2 has been modified in a way that prevents it functioning properly. Please download the module again or revert to a saved backup.