Downloading MYRLIN modules

The following items can be downloaded. Note that clicking the download button is an assertion that you accept and agree to abide by the conditions of use. If you have difficulty downloading any item, please see the Help page.

All items except the PDF file are compressed as Zip files, and can be expanded to their original format with WinZip or a similar utility. If you do not have WinZip, it can be downloaded here.

Using the local copy of this web site may be found to be more convenient than browsing online, if you do not have a broadband Internet connection. If it is unzipped in a sub-directory called, for example C:\MYRLIN\Web, then clicking on the file C:\MYRLIN\Web\index.htm will start a local replica of this web site. Note that this local copy has some external links, which will bring up 'Page not found' errors if you are not online. This includes links to web sites of some organisations involved with MYRLIN, and the PDF version of the website. All information related to the use of MYRLIN and zipped versions of the MYRLIN modules are available within the local copy.

Web graphics do not print well directly from most browsers, so two printable versions of the website are provided. The PDF file provides a complete version of the website that is both browsable and printable and can be viewed on or off line. Your system may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader the first time you activate this file. This should be done automatically if it is needed. However, the file is quite large (2.1 MB) and may be difficult to access if you have a slow Internet connection.

The Word version gives the same document in a much more compressed format (115 kb as a Zip file), but requires that you have MS Word 2000 (or a compatible version) installed.