Biostatistics, simulation modelling, survey design, information systems







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Denis Alder - Services

I offer consulting services in forest biometrics. This includes all phases of design, training, field execution, analysis and report writing, as may be required for a particular situation, for the following specialist tasks:

  • Forest surveys, inventories and assessments, for wood, carbon, biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Assessment and modelling of forest growth, yield and carbon sequestration
  • Mapping and quantification of forest resources in all respects
  • Design and analysis of experiments relative to forest science
  • Development of allometric equations and simulation models of trees and forests
  • Formulation of management plans for forest operations and conservation
  • Monitoring, reporting and verification systems for forest resource management

To perform theses tasks, I work routinely with the following technologies:

  • Statistics and data analysis: R, Excel, SQL
  • Modelling and Application Development: Python, VBA, R, Javascript
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, FoxPro
  • GIS: ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Earth, Web mapping APIs, R
  • Web-based systems: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL

Apart from work related to forest ecosystems, I have also on occasion consulted on statistical services relative to humanitarian relief assessments and agricultural crops. The Biodata page gives more information, whilst Publications lists scientific papers and reports, and Clients gives web links for some of the organisations I have worked for.