Biostatistics, simulation modelling, survey design, information systems







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Denis Alder - Services

I offer technical services in biostatistics and ecoinformatics, including the design of complex surveys and experiments, the analysis of data, simulation modelling of dynamic systems, and the development of software and information systems related to these. I work with several technologies including:

  • Web development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL
  • GIS: ArcGIS, QGIS, Python QGIS plug ins, Web mapping APIs
  • Statistical and data analysis: R, Excel/VBA, Systat, Statistica
  • Modelling and Application Development: Python, VBA, Java, Basic
  • Databases: MySQL, Access, SQL Server, heritage FoxPro systems
  • Mobile Data: ODK (survey data capture)

In the past, my main work has been with forest ecosystem modelling and agricultural surveys, land use change and carbon dynamics modelling. Since April 2018 I have been working with the Global Canopy Foundation on data systems relative to Forest 500, Script (Soft Commodity Risk Platform) and Trase (Transparent supply chains for sustainable economies).

This website gives access to past publications and software and is a portal for information exchange relative to specific projects.