Linking tree growth to the harvest model

Once the species group increment estimates have been made, the {table} sheet data should be copied to the MYRLIN#3 Harvest Model module. The following data needs to be copied from the {table} sheet of MYRLIN#2 to the {models} sheet of MYRLIN#3:

Parameter Description Copy from
in MYRLIN#2 {table}
Copy to
in MYRLIN#3 {models}
Spp Species group code A5:A5+n A11:A11+n
D95 Typical size (95% of cumulative diameter distribution C5:C5+n B11:B11+n
Dinc Mean diameter increment, in cm/yr E5:E5+n C11:C11+n
AMR Annual mortality rate, in %/yr F5:F5+n D11:D11+n

In the above table, n is the number of species groups less 1. In the sample data provided with the MYRLIN#2 download, for example, there are 26 groups, with ranges from A5:A30 etc. These should be copied to A11:A36 etc. in MYRLIN#3 modules.

The copying should be done using the Paste Special option in Excel, either to paste values, or to paste a link. Direct pasting with the default Windows option will cause difficulties if the AMR values, and possibly also Dinc, are represented by formulae. The formulae will no longer be correct after pasting, and will give wrong results.

Using Paste Special/Values is the safest option. The numerical values of the data will be copied, and no automatic updates will occur if MYRLIN#2 is changed. Paste Special/Paste Link will put in the address of the originating cell into the target cell, so that the data is automatically kept up to date as MYRLIN#2 is altered. This may not always be desirable however, as changes may be made to the model unintentionally and without being noticed.

For further information see the Harvest model topic.