MYRLIN Stand tables

The stand table module of MYRLIN is an Excel workbook, which when downloaded is called MYRLIN#1 (Stand tables). This name can be changed as required when the workbook is saved locally, without affecting its function.

Its purpose is to produce tables of species groups (rows) by size classes (columns) for forest strata, according to flexible criteria. This module is directly useful as a simple forest inventory summarising tool. The table format produced is also compatible with the harvest modelling tool (MYRLIN#3), whilst the plot data and options are used by the tree growth tool (MYRLIN#2) to estimate typical size parameters for species groups.

The workbook includes initially demonstration data, as used in the examples in this web site. This data comprises worksheets for:

The workbook also contains a macro or program in Visual Basic called MakeStandTables. This updates the stand table from the supplied data.