MYRLIN Training workshop

held at Oxford University,10-14 September 2001

A training workshop in the use of MYRLIN was held at Oxford University from 10-14th September 2002. There were 17 participants from 9 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guyana). Training was provided by three Oxford Forestry Institute staff (Denis Alder, Nell Baker, Howard Wright). The Edinburgh Centre for Tropical Forestry provided two staff for a presentation of SYMFOR (Paul van Gardingen, Paul Phillips).

A detailed report on the workshop topics and discussions,with participants contact addresses can be downloaded here (34 kb, MS Word format).
Photo of MYRLIN workshop participants
Participants and staff, left to right:
Redhahari, Gavin Nicol, Tasreef Khan, David Thomas, Dejan Lewis, Paul van Gardingen, Miguel Romero, Francis Odoom, Putera Parthama, Nsita Steve, Ismail bin Harun, Howard Wright, Ernest Foli, Paul Phillips, Charles Dei-Amoah, Mauricio Sanchez, Denis Alder, Marcos Costa, Ridwan, Jagdesh Singh (Photo: Nell Baker)